Soul Food Daily Devotional

Jesus Christ says, “You shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God!” Our prayer for you is that you be filled with the Spirit of God, devoting yourself to the Word of the Lord daily. For in His Word your you will find food for your soul. Therefore your church is encouraging all of us to ‘eat’ together by receiving an emailed daily devotional!
     *Monday -Friday mornings you will receive mosaicHouse Bootcamp a great discipleship tool and food for your soul.

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Take the Church with you on Vacation

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Love Your Neighbour

BELLS is an acronym from Michael Frost’s book EXILES and gives practical steps in becoming salt & light to our communities while aligning our lives to be more like Jesus.

The B.E.L.L.S. Missional Rhythm / Accountability
(adapted from Michael Frost’s book EXILES)

BLESSING—The Hebrew for “blessing” (barak) means “to empower to strength”.  We seek God’s blessing and pass that blessing on to others. 
*Bless 1 person this week (preferably a non-Christ follower)

EATING—Sharing food has always been central to a life of community.  We want to place worship and communion back where it began, as a provider’s delight in the middle of the shared table. 
*Eat with 1 person this week (preferably a non-Christ follower)

LISTENING—We believe that God is capable of speaking to us.  We do not confine Him to any particular medium, but we try to be attentive to His voice, wherever and whenever it speaks. 
*Take time to listen to God for 1 hour/week (listening, not talking)

LEARN—We desire to take on the image of God and to participate in His plan.  We seek out knowledge about God to help us to do this. 
*Study Jesus’ life a little bit each week from the Gospels.  How did he live?  With whom did he interact?  What were his commands?  Then “go” live like Jesus did.

SENT—We are ambassadors who bear God’s image in the world.  Remind yourselves regularly that we are “sent” to participate in God’s activity and mission in the world. 
*Take time each day to reflect on the question: “How have I worked with or resisted Jesus today?”

Living a missional life is not a new add-on, but a way of life focused on others and the mission of God.  Try the BELLS for a month and see how your life and others are changed.



The Art of Neighbouring

What if Jesus meant that we should love our actual neighbours? Visit this website for lots of resources and tools