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Happy Earth Day Everyone!
It's time to get outside and warm up your green thumb! Here are some yard maintenance tips this spring:

1) Prepare the lawn, trees and greenery
It’s time to get the lawnmower out, change the engine oil, and sharpen the blade. Head to your local hardware store to stock up on landscaping supplies such as yard bags and grass seed, and pick up the tools you need to thatch, weed and clean out your garden beds.

You’ll want to do a walkthrough around the property. Look for any branches that are getting close to your building or if they are at risk of falling.

2) Fence and deck maintenance
Checking your fence and deck is important. Look for signs of damage, cracked or split boards, unstable areas and signs of pest damage. Look for holes under the deck and fence. Depending on the type of wood, you may also need to seal or stain your deck.

3) Get out the outdoor furniture and BBQ
Pull out your patio furniture from storage, clean out your BBQ and get it ready for grilling season. Check your propane tank and get it filled if necessary.

4) Look for issues with your driveway and walkways
It’s common to find cracks in walkways and driveways after the winter. How you repair these cracks will depend on the type of surface you have (brick, asphalt, concrete).

5) Check all outdoor lights
Check exterior lights and motion sensors to ensure they function properly and replace bulbs as necessary. You can also take this time to re-install solar lights in your walkways and gardens.

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