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Tax season is almost here! Do you have all your expense receipts to maximize your tax return? If not, we got a quick check list to remind you of things you can claim.

Check List:
Childcare expenses
Support payments paid or received
Adoption expenses
Disability tax credit for self or dependents
Medical expenses
Personal attendant/facility care expenses
Charitable donations
Northern residents deduction
RRSP contributions
Employment expenses (T2200 signed by employer)
Work-from-home expenses due to COVID-19 (T2200S)
Tool expenses
Union dues not included on your T4 slip
Exams for professional certification
Teacher’s school supplies
Digital News subscription expenses
Political contributions
Moving expenses
Home accessibility expenses
Home Buyers' Amount
Tuition expenses
Student loan interest amounts
Tax-exempt scholarships 

To find the full checklist to file your personal taxes, go to:

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