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September is a time of new beginnings, learning, and growth. As kids head back to school, we also tend to start them in extracurricular activities. Music, sports, dance, art...the options are seemingly endless. 

Apart from the basic advantages of kids learning new things, extracurriculars also teach kids about leadership, discipline, teamwork, and independence. They can gain important life skills, learn things that may open doors to opportunities in the future, and spark friendships.

But - all these things come at a cost, both in terms of money and time. Managing one or more kids’ activity calendars can be overwhelming for a family, and the child, if we aren’t careful. And many families may have other priorities for how they spend their money.  Maybe you want to be the hockey parent going to 5 am practices, or maybe you’d rather sleep in. Maybe you enjoy hearing the steady improvement in the sounds coming from a child’s instrument, or maybe you prefer a quieter home. In the end, the main thing that will help any child succeed in life is not which activity they were put in, but having a loving home base.  

Good luck finding the balance that is right for you and your kids! 

What extracurricular activity were you in as a child? What did you always wish you had the opportunity to try when you were younger? Share in the comments below!


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