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One way that we can invest and engage with our community is by volunteering our time, skills, and/or finances.  We might usually think of this as an adult activity, but kids can love their neighbours and volunteer too! It’s great to teach them early about the importance of giving back to those who are less fortunate; they learn to value the things they have, to consider what needs exist around them and have compassion. Volunteering can create opportunities for discussing issues that we see in our neighbourhoods, city, country and world, such as homelessness, loneliness, sickness, racism or climate change.  

Age-appropriate volunteering activities might include: pet walking, raking leaves or shoveling snow, raising money for local charities through bake sales or lemonade stands, visiting with isolated or shut-in neighbours, picking up garbage, and so on. Some activities may need to be altered to ensure safety in terms of COVID, but there are many opportunities when you look for them!

We are called to care for those around us, so when you see a need and are able to respond, be sure to include your kids as you talk about the issues and respond with action.

How will you serve your community with your kids this season?

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