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Loving our Kids

As parents and caregivers, we don’t have much difficulty acknowledging that we love our kids. Even in the moments when they make us want to pull out our hair, we love them. But while it may be a given that we love them, it might be harder to know how to express that love to them. Just as adults have different ‘love languages’, so do kids.
If you haven’t heard of the five love languages before, they have been described as the following: quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, and touch (author Gary Chapman, For kids, these might look like sitting to read a book, giving them a word of praise, helping them accomplish a new task, surprising them with a little treat, or taking a moment to share a hug. Of course, most kids would probably respond well to any of these actions, but maybe one act of love resonates most strongly. When we realize how to best speak our child’s love language, we can communicate that love to them more effectively. And they in turn can become more loving to those around them.
So, in this season of love, think about your child’s unique personality and characteristics, and consider how you can best show them your love. 


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