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Steps that can help your child feel confident in themselves.
Increasing your child's ability to know they are capable will help them be more resilient when they face challenges and be more independent. 

1. Love them unconditionally:  success or failure let them know you support them no matter what. Their achievements and setbacks are not tied to your love and affection.

2. Spend quality time: one on one time is so meaningful to a child. Not only is this a lesson on interacting in relationships, but its time carved out for connection; that they matter as an individual.

3. Help set achievable goals: attainable goals is so beneficial to self-esteem and success is a boost to their confidence. Start with easy to accomplish goals.

4. Encourage persistence/positivity: praise them when they stick to a difficult task and don't give up. Be their cheerleader when you see them struggle.

5. Give your child choices: give your child choices so they can have a sense of control and give them the ability to make their own judgements.

6. Avoid over-praising: praise for everything or nothing will seem insincere. Praise should be made for reasonable effort and be specific. ex: "that drawing is beautiful", try "I love the way you were creative with your colors"

7. Allow your child to overhear you compliment them: children are always watching you. It is a huge boost to their self-esteem to hear you say something kind about them and they will remember it. 

8. Take care of yourself: model that you are important and that you value yourself. Children are reflections of ourselves and they will see they should make a priority to take care of themselves. 

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