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Gather together and make family prayer dynamic to build strong bonds and weave faith into daily life. Let your family prayer involve body, mind, and spirit. The acrostic G-R-O-W can help guide us in how and why we should pray together.​​​​​​​​​

G for Gather and Pray
Come together and start talking to God. Pray for one another in a simple way called POW-WOWS. That means to Pray over worries and worship over wonders.

R is for Rejoice
Celebrate answered prayer and praise God. Keep a family prayer journal to list prayer needs and check off answers.
Review the journal at times to notice all the prayers God answered, and also note times you waited on God’s timing.

O is for Open Hearts and Minds
Let prayer be a time of unity without criticism. God loves us all. When you are accepting of what everyone shares, children open up more. They share problems. It’s a time to remember you are all talking to God. It’s also a time to investigate prayer and chat about questions children ask about prayer.

W is for Weave Your Family Prayer Time Into Daily Life
Deuteronomy 6:7-10 reminds us that God wants to be involved in our lives. Let prayer and sharing faith be part of your ordinary days as well as special times. Make your doorway a prayer-way. In going or coming pray for safety, and thank God for the opportunities both to go, and stay home to be with family.

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