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Spring has sprung here in Edmonton, and we’re loving the sunshine! Have you had a chance to get outside and enjoy the beautiful days? Why not use the weather as an opportunity to invest in your relationships?

On a sunny, warm day, take a walk with a friend, family member, or neighbour. Chat about how you’ve both been doing, new hobbies you’ve started, what your family is up to, and your hopes for the future after the pandemic. Whether you need some advice, encouragement, or just a laugh with a friend, a walk is a great way to connect. We’ve been social distancing for so long, we can sometimes forget how life-giving it is to see someone in-person. 

Take this as your prompt to message, text, or call a friend and invite them to enjoy Spring with you. Whether it’s a walk around the neighbourhood or a hike in the park: enjoy the weather and invest in your relationships at the same time!

* Remember to always follow social-distancing guidelines and gathering regulations set out by the Government of Alberta. 

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