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Take a few minutes to think about the people you regularly interact with at work. How are your relationships with them? Whether you’ve just started a new job or have been at your job for many years, investing in your relationships with colleagues is important. No matter the field you work in -  whether you’re a teacher, construction worker, accountant, caterer, pastor, electrician, or any other profession - you and your colleagues could all benefit from good, healthy relationships with each other.

According to, strong workplace relationships are often key to personal and team success. When coworkers are comfortable with each other, they’re more likely to share their own new ideas and listen to others’ ideas. And when people feel free to share and listen to others, they’re generally more productive and innovative. 

Here are five characteristics of good workplace relationships: trust, respect, self-awareness, inclusion, and open communication. (These characteristics are important in any relationship, so it makes sense that they’re important at work!)

Does this sound like something you want to build into your workplace relationships? Head over to the blog for more tips and tools on building good workplace relationships, handling difficult relationships, and which relationships are the most important to invest in.

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