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Relationship Tip: 4 Ideas to Make New Friends and Build Community

Are the winter blues getting to you? Is loneliness making the days harder? Do you need a new pick-me-up? Hands up if you said yes to all of the above! 

Winter is hard, and COVID is making it harder. So, let’s find ways that we can support each other, make new friends, and find community. Here are 4 ideas to get you started:

1. Book Clubs: Do you love to read, want to read more, or just want to meet people? The Edmonton Public Library has book clubs for all reading tastes and age groups. Find out more: 

2. mosaicHouse Community Hub: Join us every Sunday at 11:45am. We check in on each other, eat lunch together, and have a great time! Find out more: 

3. Become a penpal: A quick online search for penpals will give you lots of services for writing to people all around the world. Whether writing letters or just sending postcards, you’ll slow down, meet new people, and learn about other cultures!

4. Reach out to an old friend or group of friends: Is starting a new friendship a little intimidating? Why not rekindle a friendship that you’ve lost touch with? You might be surprised how eager everyone is to find community, and even a text or message can restart a friendship.

Have any other ideas that you’ve heard of or tried? Let us know in the comments! And remember: mosaicHouse is here to connect with you at any time! Click the CONNECT tab so we can support you.


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