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Start having difficult conversations.

Too often, when things get difficult or conflict arises, people want to run the other way and avoid difficult conversations. The truth is, that is where true growth happens. Learning to have uncomfortable conversations and work through conflict, the right way, can help your relationships become lasting and authentic. Jeanne Phillips said, “Sometimes the most important conversations are the most difficult to engage in.”

If you are wondering how you can have a difficult conversation with someone:

Pray about it ahead of time. What is the purpose? What are you trying to convey? Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, soften the hearts of all involved, and for growth to occur.

Let it come from the heart. It can be difficult to try to convey a wide range of feelings and emotions. Take your time and speak from the heart – that is more important than always trying to say the right thing.

Make sure it’s the right time and place. Ensure you are in a heart-healthy environment. A place that is not too loud and distracting, a place where you can think through what you are going to say, and a place where all involved feel at ease. Repeat after me: I am brave enough to start a conversation that matters. God cares for me!

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