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We are called to love and serve others. Someone once said, “You are either a missionary or a mission field.” Your relationships are an opportunity to help others, share the love of Jesus, grow in faith, seek healing, and establish a solid foundation for the future. When life is frustrating and defeating, we often want to retreat and wallow in self-pity; but having close-knit friends who can help pick us up and steer us back to Jesus is an irreplaceable gift.

Start pouring into your relationships by starting small. Send an encouraging text. Ask if they want to go shopping with you. Invite them to church (if they do not already attend). Send encouraging notes. Invite a friend to grab a coffee. See a movie together. Cheer on each other’s kids at their sporting events. Go on a double date.

Investing in relationships does not require some grand gesture – just a small pocket of time and a heart that is ready and willing.


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