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What Challenges Do New Couples Face During the Holidays?

Although it’s assumed the holidays are the happiest and most joyous time of the year, for many that expectation is far from their reality.

The main challenges that make it tricky for those embarking on a new relationship during the holiday season involve stress, anxiety, fear, family dynamics, and communication challenges.

One person in the couple might assume the relationship is more serious than the other. Reality check: If you don’t make and protect time to spend together, you can’t be vulnerable and authentic with your special person, and if they don’t make you a priority, the relationship might not as be serious as you think it is. It is important to be mindful of your assumptions and expectations and to communicate clearly and openly with your partner.

Uncertainty About Spending the Holidays Together
You don’t know if it is too soon to invite this person to meet family for the holidays. Assess if it’s the right time by asking yourself:

Do your friends and family know about them and vice versa? Can you trust this person? Do they care about your wellbeing? Have they already introduced you to their friends and significant people in their life? Have they demonstrated they want a long-term relationship? Does your partner want to spend the holiday with you and your family?
If so, then you could invite this person to your family home. If they decline, they still might care about you, but it might be too early for them to formally meet the whole family.

Reducing your stress level and opening up communication can help with these challenges. It’s okay to not be completely comfortable figuring out what’s going on in a new relationship, but you are always allowed to honestly voice your questions for clarity, accuracy, and planning in response to actual instead of assumed information.

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