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Positive affirmations are an intentional form of self-talk in which you tell yourself supportive, encouraging things. 
They help disrupt negative thought patterns, boost self-compassion, and motivate desired behaviors. 

Repeatedly saying these phrases builds new neural pathways in your brain, which strengthens positive thought patterns. 

Choose phrases that are meaningful to you, say them daily and take actions based on your affirmations.

Think about what you want to encourage in yourself — be it confidence, gratitude, presence or anything else — then come up with phrases that support the growth of that trait and mindset.  

Practicing positive affirmations can also look like finding ways to affirm yourself throughout your day. This might mean pausing to tell yourself you are a talented and valuable co-worker when you notice self-doubt creeping in at work or saying to yourself, “I am beautiful” when you catch your own eye in the mirror. 

Some examples can be:
1. “I am strong.”
2. “I am worthy.”
3. “I am doing my best.”
4. “I am lovable.”
5. “I love myself.”
6. “I feel happy.”
7. “I feel empowered.”
8. “I have what I need and I feel content.”
9. “I exercise for an hour a day and I feel strong.”
10. “I am successful at______and I feel confident.”
11. “I take care of myself everyday by______and I feel loved.”
12. “I practice______ and I feel in control of my life.”
13. “I achieve______ and I feel accomplished.”

The key is to make sure you schedule a consistent practice, visualize your positive affirmation as vividly as possible, and try to feel the mantra take hold in your body.

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