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Are you having trouble organizing your thoughts? Do you feel weighed down by your emotions? Do you struggle to process stressful situations? Why not try journaling? This simple, free, easy tip has been shown to benefit both mental and physical health. Many people who journal say it helps clear their mind, reduce anxiety, and increase their overall happiness. Does that sound appealing, but you wouldn’t know where to start with journaling? Just set aside 15 minutes every day or every other day. 

Method One: Once you’ve set aside your time, just start with one thing that’s been on your mind and write it down. Focus on your feelings toward that one thing that’s been on your mind (an event, person, situation, task, etc). Don’t filter your thoughts or try to make your writing sound proper or coherent - just get your thoughts out. 

Method Two: Once you’ve set aside your time, pick a prompt to get your mind flowing. If you don’t know exactly what’s bothering you, or need to detangle your intertwined thoughts, a prompt may help you sort things out better. 

Journaling can be a habit you integrate into your regular routine, or it can be something you turn to periodically as a way to cope with hard times. You can use a pen and paper you keep with you, a computer, or a device on the go. However you make journaling work, just make it work for you and your journey towards holistic health and self-care.Are you already a journaler? Drop some of your favourite journaling prompts in the comments!


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