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Self-care often requires you to not think about how you feel in the moment, but how you’ll feel in the future. Taking care of your mental, physical, social, and spiritual health means not always taking the easy route or making a decision that feels nice. Sometimes, self-care means doing things you don’t want to do! 

That may sound counterintuitive, but hear us out. For example, you may be having a quiet night in and would like to keep watching a new tv show. But you know that if you don’t go to bed early and instead stay up late, you’ll feel gross the next morning and have a really slow start to your day. Going to bed early is not as exciting as finding out what happens in the next episode, but it’s a self-care decision that will help you wake up easier and have more energy to tackle your tasks. 

Here’s another example. You’ve had a long day at work and are really tired. You don’t want to do the dishes leftover from breakfast and dinner and would rather just relax. But you know that when you let the dishes pile up, they add to your feelings of anxiety and make your mind feel cluttered. So you take five minutes to quickly wash the dishes, caring for your future self and leaving the kitchen (and your mind) uncluttered. 

Today, think about a simple, unglamourous decision you can make to take care of yourself down the road. Your future self will thank you!


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