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Yes! Spring has come and we are all looking forward the extra sun, warmth and new beginnings that comes with the season.​​​​​​​​​
Lets get ready for spring and invite a positive change by getting off on the right foot. Here are some tips/reminders to help get you started.

If you equipped your vehicle with snow tires, be prepared to take them off and store them for next year.

Tidy up that garage that been piling up with stuff all winter long. For when the day is warm enough you are ready to store all your goods and get organized.

Prepare a spring cleaning list for a fresh start and recruit your family to help out in a weekend cleaning spree.

Begin pulling out lighter clothes in your wardrobe that you can wear during the warmer days — but don’t put away your winter clothes just yet, as temperatures can still be quite cold.

With the days getting longer, start getting outside more, enjoying your favourite outdoor activities to help you shake off the winter dullness.

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