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Enjoy the company of your friends and family. Yes, we may have spent a lot of time out and about during the holidays. Let's start the new year by making more space for doing things that fill our cups though. One is by making time for the people you enjoy being around. Be with those who value you and make you feel important, be more available to them. 

Remember that feeling that someone made you feel during the holidays? The laughter you shared, the memorable moment that made you think...Why has it been so long since we spent time together? Hold onto that and move forward to make time for that person or people. Not only will it boost your mood and build your relationship, but we are honoring ourselves by making more time for those who love us. Part of your self-care is knowing where and when you share your energy. Don't let too much time pass or wait for that person to send the next invite.

Be intentional with your time and who you spend it with this year.

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