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Glocal Christmas Tree Global & Local = Glocal!
~Do it with someone outside of mosaicHouse. Use this as an opportunity to be
missional! Talk to your neighbours, co-workers and friends to pitch in towards
the gift
~choose a gift from one of following ideas:
1)From the World Renew catalogue (like a sheep...)
Go to and click the “online catalogue”
2)For Jasper Place Health & Wellness or Mustard Seed or other local agencies
(socks/gloves, case of “cup of soup”...) Collect items and drop off yourself
3)Christmas hamper (for someone you know or thru an organization)
Collect items and drop off yourself - check out
4)Come up with your own idea!

~once you have “completed” your gift, the next Sunday during the offering
come up to the tree and choose an ornament (from the basket) that best
reflects your gift and hang it on the tree to symbolize your love offering!

Go be the hands and feet of Christ! Help your neighbours and co-workers see
the true meaning of Christmas by getting them involved and hang another
ornament on the tree