New to mosaicHouse?

Several times a year we hold a class introducing you to mosaicHouse Church. You will learn about how we do ministry, the history and vision of mosaicHouse, our central beliefs, and our understanding of Christian living. As well, you will discover opportunities for connection with and involvement in our community. If you indicate that you wish to be baptized or make a Profession of Faith to become a Covenant Partner arrangements will be made for that at the sessions. For more info email Pastor Victor by clicking HERE

Baptism & Profession of Faith

At mosaicHouse we celebrate the sacrament of Baptism by full immersion or sprinkling of water. If are ready to, or just want more information about what it means to publicly profess you faith and be baptised,  email Pastor Victor by clicking HERE to find out more! 

Covenant Partners

If you are committed to stand alongside us in our vision, and want to join us on mission, then this class is for you! For more info email Pastor Victor by clicking HERE


The Alpha course is your opportunity to explore the Christian faith. No question is too simple, too tough or too out there. Join us each fall for 7 weeks where you can expect relevant topics, relatable hosts, and a relaxed environment. Each session begins with a meal or refreshments, providing an opportunity to get to know others in a casual setting. This is followed by a short talk, which examines a different aspect of the Christian faith, then open discussion. For more info email Pastor Victor by clicking HERE

mosaicHouse Disciple-Making Inventory HERE


Thrive (“Restarting” & “Belonging”)

Connexus (formerly Thrive) Restarting Class 
A new approach to recovery! Restarting is a revolutionary solution-based approach for building joy, receiving inner healing, and developing life-giving relationships. Advancing beyond traditional treatment, current support group methods, and secular or spiritual approaches to recovery, Restarting offers hope for those who have tried other approaches and still feel hurt, empty, alone, and ashamed of their struggles and behaviors. As a result, most of our time in Restarting is centered on training our brain for recovery by developing new joy, relationship and inner healing skills.

The exercises that are at the heart of every Restarting session are carefully focused to systematically help participants learn new skills that help the brain better regulate the emotions, pleasure and pain that drove attachments to BEEPS (different types of addictions) and perpetuated the effects of trauma in our lives. These exercises that help us apply solutions to our problems – and not just discussions about the problems – are the core of each Restarting lesson.

Contact Pastor Anne for more information on when the next course is being offered, by clicking HERE