In-Person Gathering
What does it look like?

We are thankful and excited that we have been curving the pandemic, and the restrictions have lifted! 

The leadership of mosaicHouse Church has been waiting upon the Lord and discerning what summer months may look like. And we are being counselled by the elders to practice wisdom and prudence out of care, NOT fear. In other words, it is good to us and the Holy Spirit that we remain careful, not fearful.  

I am very thankful to inform you of the decisions the elders have made regarding Sunday in-person worship throughout August.
On the first Sunday in August, we get to worship in-person with all live elements. [live praise team and live preaching]
On the remaining Sundays in August, we will gather in-person and worship communally with either all live elements , online worship on the big screen, or a combination of both.
The win is that we are worshipping together in person regardless of the components.  
  • Pre-registration is not required, but signing-in will be in place for tracing purposes. Attendance will be capped at 150.
  • Face Masks will be worn when entering and leaving the building. Once seated, however, they are recommended but not mandatory.  
  • Social distancing will be observed by two seats-spacing between families, individuals, and cohorts.
  • Fellowship will be celebrated outside, not inside. Bring your lunch and refreshments and enjoy the company of the church community.  
  • Children will remain with parents during the service

Please note that these protocols are not due to fear but care!

Our plan and anticipation are that starting in September we will worship in-person with live componants every Sunday, assuming that the lifted restrictions remain the same.

If you are unable to join us in person these services will be livestreamed as well on mosaicHouse facebook & youtube

The pre recorded Online worship will also be available every week at  

We are also encouraging that you gather on Sundays with your houseChurches, or invite your friends to worship together, embracing safe measures.  

We are very thankful and excited that we get to worship the Lord Jesus and follow Him in all circumstances.  

mosaicHouse church meets Sundays, 10:30am

At neighbourHouse Community Centre
6811 92a Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 2C7

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