This is a great question and one we'd like to answer as best we can. 

mosaicHouse church meets at the neighbourHouse Community Centre, so you can park in the south lot or along the street. We enter using the main entrance on the corner of 92a Ave & Ottewell Rd. There will be signs and people to welcome you to our gathering.

We begin the gathering at 10:30 am so you'll want to come a few minutes before that.  Please join us in wearing name tags - located at the welcome table as you enter the building.

You'll find we dress casual to semi casual. Lots of jeans and tshirts along with collared shirts and skirts.

We start our gathering with worship in singing all together. Kids, parents, old people, teens, and everyone in between. We choose to worship together because we believe this is an important part of the Church being generations learning and growing side by side. Nursery and Sunday school is available later in the service.

We're pretty demonstrative about our love for God, so you might see people lifting their hands or even kneeling down during this time. We even have a few people who love to respond to God in dance. The goal isn't distraction but response to a Living God who loves us with an everlasting love. mosaicHouse is all about freedom to worship God in gratitude for all He's done for us.  

After a few songs, the host will invite the children to go to their classes. Parents will need to accompany them out to sign them in and then come back while the rest of us continue. 

Then someone delivers a relevant message. Our pastor team loves to bring God's Word to life! We preach from the Bible and are usually working through a series based on a book of the Bible. The message is followed by response. This is a time for us to continue our worship through reflection, question and answer time and self examination.

We take our offering after the message. This is a time for regular attenders to give in response to all that God has done in our lives. If you're a guest, feel free to let the basket go by. This money given is used to support the mission and values of our church community. We love to give! 

Our pastor will then pronounce a benediction and followed by a sending song.

We believe that one of the important things we do in our gatherings is to pray for one another. So if you'd like prayer, we have people who want to and are available to pray with you at the front following the service.

We serve communion the last Sunday of the month. We have an open table, which means that if you are a Christian, then we invite you to participate. In response to this grace we also have a special Love Offering to offer benevolence to those less fortunate in Edmonton and beyond.

Every Sunday we serve refreshments and fellowship together. We invite you to join us for this celebration of community. We have Table Fellowship teams that provide the treats for us to enjoy!